All Hallows Faire
The Original modern themed Costume Play Fantasy Festival In the Mother Lode of California.
"Where Imagination can become your reality!"
Celtic New Year's Celebration

The Original 9th Annual All Hallows Fantasy Faire is a two day all inclusive costume play Celtic New Year's Celebration! Keeping the All-Hallows tradition this year we will have a magnificent fire show and The Burning of the Harvestman. The Faire is deeply rooted in the beliefs of the Celtic people, but combined with all the fun and excitement of a modern Halloween. Hundreds of visiting creatures and characters from your favorite fairy tales and Hollywood movies will come to life over this fun-filled family weekend! The faire offers many exciting venues to hear live music, enjoy themed food and drink, buy unique items, and marvel at jugglers and magicians. Wear your new or old costume and get into the fun and thrills of the faire! Music is always one of the favorites at the faire and this year will be more crazy& eclectic!

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Yep, we offer great music too!


Brick Top Blaggers

Brick Top Blaggers is that rare band that bridges the gap between Celtic folk music and punk rock without sacrificing either integrity or relevance.

With a band full of songwriters and an arsenal of instruments as diverse as their musical backgrounds, they have created a distinctive sound that seamlessly blends traditional tunes played on accordion, fiddle, bagpipes, and mandolin, with roaring guitars and rock-solid bass and drums. The result is their own intelligent, exuberant brand of Celtic rock that is always original, always evolving, and always unforgettable.

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Thee Hobo Gobbelins

From deep within the confines of the city sewers, and the darkness beneath your bed, Thee Hobo Gobbellins slash and jangle their path into your skull. They weave a wickedly catchy mixture of ancient pirate curses, orcish vaudeville, and eldritch hobo semaphore. I remember well the day it all began; it was back in the summer of ‘03, on the fetid prairie of Gorgoroth, that their ebon-striped demonic boxcar was hitched to the devil’s train. And wherever they stop, strange things tend to happen: Clowns that bite! Dead things! Cultist goblins! Flying stuff!The Hobo Gobbelins emerge from the pulsing art vortex of Oakland, Ca., the green-skinned child of punk rock, avant-garde performance art and hobo soul. Drawing on a dizzying array of influences, the band incorporates traditional sounds of Americana and the Old World with the horrors of modernity. Monsters from folklore and fiction wriggle alongside freight-train spirituals and drinking songs. The result is a disturbing haunted house for the ear, a nightmare carnival that is at turns goofy and murderous. Human audiences drink more, dance better, and writhe uncontrollably to goblin beatings- er, beats. Incidentally, audience is the goblin word for “food that screams”.

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The Black Irish Band

The Black Irish Band is celebrating 25 years of performance and twenty-Four CD albums. Hailing from the historic Gold Rush Country of America, the four member Black Irish Band have a musical style that is as timeless as the rugged landscape of the west, a tribute to the people whose lives were spent building the world we now take for granted. The band has a large compliment of traditional maritime and railroad music, as well as ethnic tunes in their repertoire. They excel at Irish & Scottish, Italian, and American folk music with an assortment of original songs and traditional western ballads. The bands musical style captures the spirit of the immigrants of this land, the men and women who tamed the Wild West.

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Black Oak Stage

12PM    The Hobo Gobbelins
1PM      The Black Irish Band
2PM      Brick Top Blaggers
3PM      The Black Irish Band
4PM     Lucky Cu Zn Brass Band
5:15-7PM     Brick Top Blaggers
7PM      Costume contest
9:30-11PM  (Party-dance set) Brick Top Blaggers

12PM   The Hobo Gobbelins 
1PM     Brick Top Blaggers 
2PM     The Black Irish Band
3PM     Brick Top Blaggers 
4PM     The Hobo Gobbelins  
5PM     Costume contest


TCVB Stage

12:30-1:15PM     The Merrie Mary Show
1:30-2:15PM       Chase the Entertainer
2:30-3:00PM       Moon Goddess Caravan
3:15-4:00PM       The Merrie Mary Show
4:15-5:00PM       Chase the Entertainer
5:15-5:45PM       Moon Goddess Caravan
6:00-6:45PM       The Merrie Mary Show
7:00-7:45PM       Chase the Entertainer

11:15-12:00PM   Chase the Entertainer
12:15-1:00PM     The Merrie Mary Show
1:15-1:45PM       Chase the Entertainer
2:00-2:30PM       Moon Goddess Caravan 
2:45-3:30PM       The Merrie Mary Show
3:45-4:30PM       Chase the Entertainer
4:45-5:30PM       The Merrie Mary Show


DBI Beverage Stage

1:15PM        Miles Smiles
2:00PM        The Hobo Gobbelins
3:15PM        Miles Smiles
4:00PM        The Hobo Gobbelins
5:00-6:00PM        Kids Costume Contest
6:15-6:30PM        Miles Smiles

1:00PM      Miles Smiles
2:00PM      The Hobo Gobblins       
3:30PM      Kids Costume Contest
5:00PM      Miles Smiles



Parade of the Macabre

Trick or Treating for kids with vendors and encampments

1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm
Warrior Battles

Fire Extravaganza
Presented by
Kevin Axtell

Burning of the Harvestman


1 pm, 3 pm
Warrior Battles

Parade of the Macabre

Trick or Treating


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Tony Serrano

This larger than life personality has been a professional Master of Ceremonies for many years in the Coffee and Entertainment Industries. His witty charm will have you captivated and informed in all aspects of the Black Oak stage's merriments for the event. Don't be shy, get up and join  in the festivites of the faire.

In Tony's career as a MC, he has had the honor to provide his unique speaking talent at some of the most pristine events in the world. Some of those events include the South West Regional Barista Competitions (many times),  United States Barista Championship, and the main stages of the Sonora Celtic Faire.