The Event is not just outside It's Under Many Covers for Music and Vendor Shopping. Come out we will be open late Saturday for the
Burning of the HarvestMan!
Burning of Harvestman
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Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season the end of the Celtic year when the Holly King defeats the Oak King "The Bringer of Light" and the beginning of winter or the "darker half" of the year. We burn the Harvestman in honor of the fallen Oak King as a symbolic funeral. " Out of the Ashes he will be reborn."

Kevin Axtell

A dynamic blend of fire juggling, fire spinning, dance, theater, and fire magic. Kevin has selected a unique team of pyro artist to create an mesmerizing and magical fire celebration for honoring the Celtic New Year!!
One of the top fire spinners in the world, "Kevin's solo fire show is a demonstration of excellence." -Tolly Burkan, Author and Firewalking founder

on and off stage

from all around the world
Miles Smiles / Website

Miles Smiles Entertainment brings amazing and creative performances with a combination of music, balloons, juggling, sideshow, fire shows and more! Miles Smiles has performed in many different U.S. states, Canada, Europe and Asia and is often collaborating with an array other characters and artists. Be sure to check out the show on stage or at his sideshow tent and mobile museum. Take a personal tour and witness a selection of oddities from the Circus Emporium Odd-itorium featuring classic curiosities such as the Fiji Mermaid, shrunken heads and the one and only Spider-Pig!

Brian Cassady / Web

Brian Cassady is going to add an element of professional entertainment  to All Hallows Faire, whether he is on stage orshoing you some close up street magic. As a performing magician he has many years of public speaking experience before crowds and audiences of all sizes and settings, He knows the value of being a “mixer” and “connector” between individuals and people groups. The wonder and mystery of magic performed before and between guests, patrons, family members and friends, whether it be on stage or in the spectators hands, he has an enchanting and welcoming effect on all those who are present.

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Beastcub Creatures 
Let your imagination come alive with the spectacular Beastcub Creatures. Some scary, some cute, brought to life to wander the streets of All Hallows. Handmade creations crafted and performed by the Beastcub herself. They will appear at random as the day goes on so keep an eye out for these fur covered creatures as you enjoy the faire. WEBSITE

Hearts of Khyber
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Hearts of Khyber
"In honor of Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead), Hearts of Khyber will dance to the beats of old world drumming to help lost souls find their path back to their homes, back to their families. Each member has helped each other discover the way of dance & have thus They have found their calling. Dancers from all walks of life will be there to entertain & help pay homage to the different souls that wander during Dia de los Muertos." By the way, They would like to invite others... feel free to bring and add mementos for their loved ones to their altar.

Moon Goddess Caravan
Moon Goddess Caravan /Facebook

Moon Goddess Caravan
 The group began many years ago officially in Folsom Ca at Planet Earth Rising. It started with a small group of dancers led by Gypsy (Mary Chapman), and grew over the years into a fun creative group of friends and guest dancers, who continue to have a ball performing at gatherings, festivals, parties restaurants or any venue that welcomes creative eclectic Belly dance. Come join's great for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul!

Danse Macrabe
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Danse Macabre
The tradition of the Danse Macabre dates back to the Middle Ages, perhaps earlier, and many different theories exist as to what was its original purpose. It is a cross-cultural phenomenon, occurring in English, French and Spanish folklore and art, among others.
Some thought the images of skeletons dancing in the streets would intimidate Death so that no one would be taken away. Others thought it was to trick Death into thinking all the villagers in this particular area were already dead... and enjoying it! So there was nothing for the spectre of Death to do and He would fly on. Still others thought it a way to point out no matter if you are Queen or serving wench, Bishop or bastard, minstrel or milliner... eventually we all will danse the Danse Macabre.

En Garde Fencing
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  Booking Acts TBA