The event is not just Music. This year at the fairgrounds they are many wonderful lands you can visit.
The wonderful land of All Hallows
All Hallows / Web

IN Our Realms

St Andrews Noble Order of Royal Scot's Enchanted Court / Facebook

"The land of Fae has come to call upon the land of mortals all. That which once was good and fair are now bewitched and all despair. For on the throne sits Alura, Dark Queen of the Fae, and as breaks the day The happy fortunes of fairy tales have come undone, so come and see the miseries she has won. Hansel and Gretel, the youthful pair are aged, old and worse for wear. Cinderella herself has not escaped, as a zombie her story is reshaped. Even Alice, the dear child, has turned hard and cold and filled with malice bold. Noble warriors wake to guard their Queen, and find they are bewitched by magick yet unseen. The Mad Hatter will host his Tea and if you’re very brave, take a biscuit or three. Mortals one and all, join us if you please, but pray remember not all is what it seems." WEBSITE

Pirates of Sacramento Pyrate Skool / Website

Pirates of Sacramento was created in February of 2008 to gather together folks who are interested in the history of pirates. They started out with social activities such as bowling, dinner out and picnics.
They have evolved into a group of Scallywags who perform at faires and festivals across California. They can be found in our Pyrate Skool teaching nouns and arrjectives, pirate history and lore. Their members include historical re-enactors with costumes accurate to the period they portray as well as folks who just like to play.


The Institute of Vampiric Studies and Elimination are dedicated to the study and eradication of ghouls, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, mummies and all things that go bump in the night. FACEBOOK

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All Hallows /Flicker

Airship Mariposa is Steampunk group in ther local community of Maiposa, CA  and invites anyone to join in the fun. They have games, thier latest creations and ideas, art, books and more. FACEBOOK

Quality Pyrate Games
QualityPyrateGames /Facebook

Quality Pyrate Games Hand crafted wooden game of yorr for the whole family! FACEBOOK

Kaotic Mythicals
All Hallows /Web

In the Kaotic Mythicals encampment, They have interactive games and activities including: Roll The Stones to get your fairy or elf name, Mythical Mind Reading, Catch A Wish or Make A Wish, Rub A Bug, Forest Friends & Live Bugs (African Walking Sticks & Giant Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches)They focus on 4 main topics: Mythology, Entomology, Ecology, & Natural History. They bring mythology to life. Their special characters include Quickdraw the Ent, Forni the Saytr, Minos the Minotaur, Sherbert the Fairy, & Aurora the Fairy. WEBSITE

Dark Boar Vikings / Facebook

The Dark Boar Vikings will portray Stories inspierd by the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Watch the battle for Earth from Valhalla, game, history overlays and more.WEBSITE

Clan Gailbrath's KNOT Witches Wagon / Web

Beware of the signs of the witches for they will declare they are NOT witches. Watch your we ones and bring a protection amulet. These witches are full of magical meyham.

All Hallows /Web

Goblinsgrotto is an art studio of course, they specialize in the unique and fantasiful…They are artisans who dream the dreams and tell the tales in the expressions of their artworks…….Many a year they spent amongst the masses of toilers, and many a year they spent dreaming of a better life, one that could be spent as free souls, and not that of the trapped slaves to wages they where. So one day they took a chance and escaped into the wilds, to free our imprisoned creativity, and grasp their true destiny as the artist they are. WEBSITE

All Hallows / WEB

The Gaesatae (Guy-sah-tay; "Spearmen") are easily one of the most fearsome groups of warriors in the known world. They fight stripped bare but for neck torcs and sometimes their shoes or boots. They fight with longswords, but are named for their incredible skill with javelins; they can hurl them unnaturally long distances and deal great damage with them. Their charge is most ferocious though, causing many lines to simply fold and flee. This is not all solely due to skill and strength, though they are experienced and huge, muscular men. They imbibe a chemical before battle making them seemingly impervious to pain. They will fight to the very end, and are very destructive when employed properly. WEBSITE

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All Hallows /Web

Menagerie of Myhic Misfits our going to bubble you away!

The Duchy of Thor's Refuge
All Hallows /Web

The Duchy of Thor's Refuge you can learn weapon making, fighting with foam, meet a barbarian or two, enjoy the company of others who have similar interests as you! If you found this site you must like the strange and bizarre, so it is a perfect match, we are the strange and bizarre, yet pass as normals when out with the straights/normals/muggles (choose your term). 

Collected by experts

Don't miss out! Join our ever so popular Costume Contest!

Costume Contest Guidelines
Judging will be scored by contestant presentation of their character and audience participation as done in previous years.
Costume Contest is Saturday and Sunday!  
Previous Year winners must have a new costume to enter.
Sign-ups At Information Booth on Sat. before 5pm. 

Beginner Category- Enter this category if your costume is store bought and you did no crafting on your costume yourself.
Best of Show and Honorable Mention. Plaques and Ribbons, Prizes awarded

Intermediate Category- Enter this category if you bought some of your costume and modified it or added accessories to make the costume more unique. At least 20% of the costume must be crafted by the contestant.
Best of Show and Honorable Mention. Plaques and Ribbons, Prizes awarded

Masters Category- Enter this category if the contestant conceptually designed the character based upon his/her own idea or a character from movies, books or games. Costume must be 80% crafted by the contestant.
Best of Show and Honorable Mention. Plaque and Ribbons, Prizes awarded. Printable